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Get your tail wagging again.
Master your mental health.

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Thyself is your personal mental health homepage giving you to the tools to master your mental health. Add Thyself to your browser in seconds to feel less stressed, less worried and more relaxed.

Watch how Thyself works for you

Surface emotions

Regularly collect your moods in a diary. Understand your mood rhythm and learn to recognise emotional triggers.

Stay relaxed

Throughout your day enjoy scientifically backed exercises to reduce stress. Including breathing exercises and emotion labelling.

Take care of yourself

Build kind, self-care habits essential for sound mental health with our forgiving check list.

Maintain work-life balance

Avoid work consuming your life with home time reminders, out-of-hours statuses and website blocks (coming soon).

Over 550,000 mindful moments already

Your digital mental health toolkit…

  • Calming breathing exercises
  • Reflective mood diary
  • Uplifting affirmations
  • Mindful emotional labelling
  • Positive mindset journal prompts
  • Supportive personal dashboard
  • Tailored mood selection
  • "Home time" reminder
  • Forgiving self-care checklist
  • Learn insights about your mood

Love from our customers

"I love the idea of tracking my emotions. It keeps me mindful, and subconsciously tricks me to have better moods that I desire because I know I'll be tracking mine consistently through the day."

Thyself customerShona Letap

"Great simple extension that helps me track my mood! :D"

Thyself customerPatrick Chong Jin Hua

"I'm always looking for new things to record how I'm doing! I also have ADHD so anything that's "in your face" about it like Thyself is a HUGE plus! I'm loving it"

Thyself customerAna Fluegel

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Simple Pricing

Free or affordable with no contract


  • Browser extension
  • 1-month mood diary
  • Basic personal dashboard


  • Browser extension
  • Unlimited mood diary
  • Advanced personal dashboard
  • Mood insights
  • Enhanced configuration
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